March 30th 2017

Dear supporter,

I wanted to share some more information with you regarding our exciting new ‘Be a Tree’ presenter kit and our future plans for Doggone safe to provide you with better and more effective tools.

‘Be a Tree’ (BAT) Program

1.      The presentation - The all new kit is available as four options to suit your individual needs depending on whether you want to deliver the program to private training clients, small or large groups using a smart phone, via laptop or by using a full audio visual set up. You may personalize the presentation method to meet your audiences’ educational needs. A full description of the kit can be found here.
a.      Each kit includes a copy of the full script to help you deliver your presentation. Of course, we encourage you to personalize your presentation and the script is just to help you until you are more familiar with the program.
b.      Recordings. There is also a copy of a fully recorded presentation in the Deluxe Kit so you can see the excitement you can create presenting this program  which enhances learning and memory. There is also a copy of the presentation recording with no audio so you can personally narrate it and start and stop it where you see fit. You can find a recorded version of the program without audio here. For a short preview of the recorded version click here .
c.      New Posters. There are several new posters to help you make the kit more interactive. These gives you the option to play a fun quiz game with your audience. To see all the individual posters in the kit please click here.  You can also view the poster art on the Doggone safe store

2.      Promote Your Business or Non-Profit. The ‘Be a Tree’ presentation is a fabulous resource for promoting your business and providing an exceptional service to your community. We think you will agree that the BAT program is great for:
a.      Schools &teachers who want to teach their students dog bite safety.
b.      Humane educators for in-house or community outreach use.
c.      Pet Dog Trainers who want to educate their clients about safety around dogs.
d.      Dog Industry Professionals who want to offer bite prevention programs to local schools or community groups.

3.      Version 1 BAT Kits. If you have a previous BAT kit version, don’t worry - these are still very effective. The BAT program concept has not changed.  What has changed is the addition of new materials, updated and enhanced art and more support tools and interactive sessions. If you desire you can supplement your previous version 1 kit by purchasing the additional posters from the store. If you want to update the actual presentation, then you can purchase this via the store too. If you are a Doggone safe member then login to your member area and click on the member benefit page to find $25.00 vouchers towards the new kits.  If you want to join Doggone safe as a Be a Tree presenter, then click here and use code BATMEM15 for a $15.00 voucher.

4.      Promotional Tools. In the coming days we will be rolling out a selection of high quality promotional tools to help you promote your ‘Be a Tree’ program. This will include rackcards, postcards, business cards, educational flyers and more. Check the member area often to see all of the new goodies we have for you. It will be uploaded to the store soon.

Future Plans

  • We are currently updating all the handouts and flyers so they are consistent with our new look. Many of these are already available in the member area.
  •  This year, as a fantastic addition to your current BAT program we will be rolling out  an adult version of the ‘Be a Tree program’ aimed at dog bite safety in the workplace and targeted at educating adults who work around or come in contact with dogs during their workday.
  • We are also working on developing new tools to help you further educate children, families and local communities on dog bite safety.
  • We have also added many membership benefits to Doggone safe and are planning on adding more. Recent additions include access to a group master insurance policy for professionals, FREE webinars, webinar discounts, vendor discounts and much more. Click here to see more
We look forward to working with you and supporting you in our mutual goal of dog bite safety education across our communities.

Niki Tudge

Doggone Safe is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  9122 Kenton Rd, Wesley Chapel FL 33545 USA

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