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Be a Tree Program

Be a Tree - dog bite prevention for  school children

Training Webinars for Be a Tree presenters


Courtney Fund and Bite Victim Support


The Courtney Trempe Memorial Fund for Dog Bite Victim support provides help for dog bite victims.

Our educational goals originate from the recommendations of the coroner's jury inquestinto the tragic mauling death of 8 year old Courtney Trempe in 1998.

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Dogs are amazing animals. They love us unconditionally. They protect our homes. They find lost children. They fetch the newspaper. They swim. They lie by the fire. They pull sleds in the snow. They predict seizures and sniff out cancer cells. They lead the blind. They hear for the deaf. They comfort the elderly. They leap from helicopters to rescue the drowning. They roll in dead stuff. They chase the cat. They dig up the garden. They die for us in war time. They sniff out drugs and bombs. They pull wheelchairs. They race agility courses. They steal the remote. They warm our feet and our hearts

Despite 12,000 years of living with dogs, they remain largely misunderstood by humans.

When a dog bites we interpret this in human terms. In most cases the bite is a normal dog behavior. The dog that bites is not necessarily a mean dog or a bad dog - he is just a dog. To prevent dog bites we need to understand what motivates the dog to bite and reduce risk through modification of both human and dog behavior.

The Doggone Safe mandate is guided by real world events and situations that have actually happened. Doggone Safe provides educational programs to teach about dog bite prevention for schools, parents, expectant parents and workers. At this site you will find lots of photos of dogs showing different canine body language. Look at these and learn to speak dog and to recognize signs of aggression to help stop dog bites. Teach your kids and help them to prevent dog bites. Find out how to stop a puppy from biting and what to do if visitors are afraid of your dog. Print the dog bite prevention tips and free activity pages. Get information about how to prepare your dog for a new baby coming and what to do if you are concerned about your child's safety around their friend's dogs. Learn all about clicker training as a way to prevent dog bites to children. Find a dog trainer or behavior specialist in your area to help solve and prevent dog behavior problems.

Visit the Doggone Safe store and purchase products that help increase child safety around dogs. Products include the child safety board game Doggone Crazy!, Clicker Puppy DVD to learn about clicker training, clickers, colouring books, story books, posters, stickers and the Doggone Safe Be a Tree teacher kit.

This website is constantly evolving, driven by the concerns of parents and dog owners, so check back often and send us your questions or suggestions for topics that should be covered. The main focus of content on this site is child safety around dogs and dog bite prevention.

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