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Find a Doggone Member 

Welcome to the Doggone Safe directory. This is a listing of all Doggone Safe members.
Members are either
  1. Individual Members who are committed to Dog Bite Safety Education. 
  2.  Be A Tree Members who are experts in delivering our Be A Tree Program or 
  3. Dog Bite Safety Members who have successfully passed our Speak Dog Certification program. 

Many of our members are both Be a Tree Presenters and Dog Bite Safety Educators. 

This listing is a service provided by Doggone Safe. Doggone Safe does not recommend, endorse or warrant any of the services listed. Doggone Safe does not perform criminal records checks or otherwise evaluate  members. Anyone may become a member of Doggone Safe. 

Doggone Safe is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

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