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This program is owned and sponsored by DogNostics Career College

We have taken a very different approach to education and we believe it is a very unique, effective and fun approach to the eLearning experience that is the perfect delivery method for the "Speak Dog" Certificate Program.  

The program combines a self-paced learning program that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home with the full faculty support, encouragement and mentoring you would normally expect to receive from attending a hands on program.

The program covers both the academic materials needed to be-able to "Speak Dog: with a real emphasis and focus placed on experiential learning, experiencing what you learn to enhance the retention of your studies. To register for the full certificate program click below. If you would like to register for the modules individually then click here

Speak Dog Certificate

    • 23 Feb 2016
    • 22 Feb 2018
    • Recorded Webinar

    Learn To Speak Dog! - A Full Certificate Program

    Understand Canine Communication & Social Behavior 

    A Three Part Program

    Each part of the program contains a one hour webinar and written and or short video homework assignments. In part three you will be expected to pass an open-book multiple choice test

    Module One

    • What is behavior
    • Canine body language & scial behavior
    • How to recognize distance increasing signals
    • How to recognize distance decreasing signals

    Module Two

    • Active Appeasement
    • Passive Appeasement
    • Aggression
    • Greeting Rituals

    Module Three

    • Stress & Alarm Signals
    • Canine Rivalry
    • Facial Expressions
    • Emotional Contagion

    Angelica Steinker - Program Presenter


    Angelica has a Master’s degree in Education, which has served as the foundation for her certifications, ability to communicate with people, and understanding of dog behavior. She enjoys learning about operant and respondent conditioning, at the highest level. Her special interests are aggression, dogs that are difficult to train and problem solving.

    Angelica Steinker is also the owner of Courteous Canine, Inc. the #1 Dog Training School in Tampa. Specializing in Obedience, Manners, Agility, Dog Dock Jumping, Lure Coursing, Fun Scent Games & and many other activities.

    Angelica is a published author in the field of behavior and agility. Her books, Agility Success: Training and Competing with Your Dog in the Winning Zone and Click and Play Agility, address the handler of the agility team and the use of clicker training techniques in the sport respectively, and emphasize the importance of playing and bonding in order to train agility behaviors to the highest level. Angelica sees agility and other dog sports are a barometer of a dog's life enabling her to assess the dog's quality of life and leveraging dog sport behaviors to make necessary shifts to ultimately bring more joy and fun to dog and owners lives.

    Angelica is on the steering committee of the Pet Professionals Guild and a founding member of this cutting edge association for science-based trainers and animal professionals. She is also on the Education Committee of Pet Professional Guild and is proud of her contributions to the Pet Professional Accreditation Board in assisting with the creation of the dog training and behavior accreditation programs.  She is also the Director of Training for the national licensing group The DogSmith. She is a Co-founder and faculty member at DogNostics Career College  and intensely enjoys mentoring future Pet Care Technicians, Dog Trainers and Dog Behavior Consultants. 

The "Speak Dog: Certificate program is a combination of three Tool-Kits. 

What Is A Tool-Kit?

A Tool-Kit is a module. Within each Tool-Kit you will receive one webinar. 

Each Tool-Kit may also include the following;

  1. Assigned pre-work
  2. Your webinar eLearning sessions, these are recorded webinars you can watch at your own pace
  3. Your homework - which maybe additional reading, hands on application and/or a short written assignment
  4. Your video assignments
  5. Your Tool-Kit notebook - a comprehensive eBook covering all the information you have learned.
  6. For those registering for the certificate program you will also receive access to your open book multiple choice test in your final Tool-Kit.

Completing a Tool-Kit

When you have fully completed a Tool-Kit you can then progress onto the next one.

Graduation Requirement

If you register for the webinars only then there is no graduation requirement. If you register to participate in the Certification Program then you will need to complete all the assigned homework and the final graduation multiple choice open-book test with a score of 85% or higher. 

As soon as you graduate you will receive;

  • Your graduation certificate from Doggone Safe and DogNostics to publish on your website.
  • 15% discount off Doggone Safe "Be A Tree" Membership

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