Earn Your "Speak Dog" Certificate. 

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Enroll in a Canine Communication & Social Behavior Course

A three part on-line recorded program to teach you how to "Speak Dog". You can register for this course and just watch the webinars or you can register to watch the webinars and have your homework assessed. The three part program culminates with an online open-book test so you can self-check your knowledge. Participants who successfully complete all thee parts will be eligible for our "Speak Dog" Certificate.

This program is ideal for all pet professionals, trainers, behavior consultants, dog walkers, pet sitters, pet parents, guardians and anyone who wants to better understand and communicate with dogs.

This course will teach you to read dog body language and to understand how dogs communicate with their various body parts. You will learn how to look for clues in a dog's body postures and in the environment to help you decide whether a dog wants to interact or is best left alone. The information you gain from this course will be useful to anyone who owns a dog, works with dogs or encounters other people's dogs on the job or during leisure time. If you own or work with dogs, you will learn how to tell if some aspects of the dog's life are causing anxiety so that you can work to reduce this, resulting in a happier dog that is easier to train and live with.

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